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Compare broadband deals in your area

Comparing packages helps you choose the right deal

It's always a good idea to take a look at all the available packages in your area before you sign up for a broadband deal. The easiest way to compare broadband deals is to ask Simplifydigital's team of friendly advisors to recommend the right service. Just give us a call on 0800 542 4704 and we will find the best deal based on your area, budget and what you need from your broadband connection. 

Our top three broadband deals

  1. TalkTalk TV Essentials
  2. Sky Broadband Unlimited
  3. Plusnet Unlimited Fibre

How do I compare broadband deals?

Our broadband comparison tool is designed so that you can find the best broadband deals available in your area quickly and easily online. All you need to do is type your postcode into the box at the top of this page and hit the enter key.

A comparison table will soon pop up where you can find our best deals listed by speed, price and contract length. To make a more personalised search, simply tick internet services, digital TV or home phone when you type in your postcode. This option makes it easier to compare broadband deals and the services they can come bundled with.

Look through the packages on offer and choose the one which you find most relevant. Once you've made a decision, just click on the Buy Now button and we'll take you to the provider's own website to sign up securely, or you can phone our broadband experts who will guide you through the switching process from start to finish

What to look for when comparing broadband deals

It's worth taking some time to choose a package that provides you with the connection you need. 

If you just use the web to chat to your friends, watch the occasional video or shop online you could save money by taking a cheaper deal with a lower usage cap.

If there are a few people in your house who quite often stream movies, download music or play games online, you will probably be better off with a superfast broadband package of 30mbps or above. This should give you enough speed for everyone to get online at once

Compare broadband, home phone and digital TV packages

Many internet service providers offer broadband packages as part of a bundle with home phone and digital TV services included. With these bundles, customers pay for all their digital utilities in one monthly bill. Not only is this easier to manage but quite often can work out cheaper than splitting the bill across three different providers. 

Want expert help finding the right package for you?

Call our free switching service on 0800 542 4704. We will be more than happy to help you compare broadband deals and look at internet packages available in your area. Once you've made up your mind as to what package you are keen on getting, we will sign you up and be on hand right up to your broadband being set up.