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Compare the best TV deals in your area

How to choose between TV deals and get the right package

If you're considering upgrading to a monthly TV subscription, or you're looking for the cheapest TV deal in your area, Simplifydigital can help. Call our independent experts on 0800 542 4704 - they're specially trained to help you compare all your options and get the best possible service for your family.

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So how do I find the best TV deal for me?

First of all, work out what you want and what you are realistically likely to watch. If you get a premium TV deal on an 18 month contract and then discover you only really have time to watch one movie a week, you'll be committed to spending quite a bit and you won't be getting much out of it. If on the other hand you go for a cheaper contract, with less channels, and you find you still want more, upgrading is pretty easy.

Before you start comparing TV deals think about the types of channels you want. Are you into movies? The latest US TV series? Perhaps you're all about watching the big games? Or maybe you just want a little more variety.

Which TV deals can I get at my address?

Next up - availability. Most TV deals from the major providers are available to everyone, but there can be some availability issues. So the next step is to pop your postcode into our Ofcom-approved calculator and make sure 'Digital TV' is ticked before you hit search. We'll pull the best TV deals available in your area at the best prices, highlighting the number of channels, plus the price and contract length. Find one that tickles your fancy and click through to the provider site for more information. Does this TV deal provide all of the content you are keen on? If so, you can sign up there and then. Alternatively you can ask our experts for advice on the best TV deals around.

Why not give us a call to discuss what you're after. Our team of independent experts can guide you through your options and answer any technical questions you may have regarding the best TV deals out there. In fact, we can even help you arrange the installation. No pressure, just advice based on your situation.

We can find the best TV deal for you. We are Simplifydigital.