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Choosing between TV packages

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Choosing between TV packages

How to compare TV packages and find the right service for your family

If you're trying to choose between TV packages and finding it a bit tricky to decide on the right one, Simplifydigital can help. Call our friendly, independent advisors on 0808 163 7069 and we'll compare over 11,000 TV packages to find the best option for you, based on your needs, location and requirements.

Our recommended TV packages:

  1. Sky Original Bundle
  2. TalkTalk Plus Unlimited TV, BB and Phone
  3. Virgin Starter Collection

Things to consider when comparing digital TV packages

Think about what you want to get out of using your TV service. Are you a movie buff looking to enjoy the latest blockbusters? Then you'll need Sky Movies. Do you want to bring the excitement of F1 (and the engine roar) into your living room and enjoy every race, or maybe you're a die hard football fan? Then you'll benefit from Sky Sports or BT Sport, or both. Maybe it's more important that you never miss an episode of your favourite show, or you want to discover new ones, and it's easy to do that with Virgin Media TiVo.

Whatever you want to get out of your TV, there's a digital TV package to suit you. Start with the features you need, then the things you'd like, and then ensure that the packages you've narrowed it down to are at the right price point for you.

What is included with digital TV packages?

Depending on the type of digital TV service you buy, and the TV provider you go with, features do vary. However, these digital TV features are common to all services:

  • Catch Up TV - watch the last 7 days worth of TV again. And again if you like!
  • Series link & TV recommendations - Virgin Media's TiVo service is particularly good at suggesting shows you might like based on your previous selections
  • Record & save TV shows - all digital TV set top boxes have storage space for your shows
  • Pause, rewind & record live shows - most set top boxes let you record up to 3 shows while you watch a fourth, so there's never a reason to miss an episode

Your TV package will include access to digital channels, services and the option to bolt-on premium services, like Sky Movies and Sky Sports. If you're not sure which premium bolt-ons to go for, or if they'd be good value for your household, why not give Simplifydigital a call and let a friendly broadband & TV expert recommend the right digital TV package for you? If you like the service we recommend we can even arrange your switch right then and there!

How do I find the best digital TV packages in my area?

There are two main ways to find the best digital TV packages in your area with Simplifydigital:

  1. Call our free, impartial Switching Service, and ask an expert to compare deals for you.
  2. Use our Ofcom-approved Price Comparison Calculator online - just enter your postcode to see deals where you live, and filter by your choice of options to find the best deal for you

If you need more help, or advice about comparing digital TV packages, call Simplifydigital.