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How to get broadband without a contract

Want home broadband with no contract, or a short service agreement? It's possible to get fast internet at home without being tied into a long contract, but knowing which deals offer good value for money can be tricky. Pay As You Go home broadband can carry an up front payment for installation or equipment, so we're here to help you get the best deal possible.

By on January 18, 2013 at 10:13 AM
How to get broadband without a contract

Broadband deals without a long term contract are quite tricky to come across, but there are some good options available from several ISPs. If it isn't convenient for you to be tied into a 12 or 18 month service agreement, we can help you find a short term broadband service that fits with your budget and requirements.

Broadband without a contract is great when you're...

  • Renting property on a temporary basis
  • Visiting for three months or less
  • Waiting for a digital TV or home phone service agreement to expire, so you can upgrade and bundle all your services together with a new ISP

We're here to explain all your options when getting a short term broadband service, so that you can avoid any pitfalls and understand the fine print that this kind of internet service is likely to come with.

What kind of broadband deal can I get without a long contract?

  • Direct Save Telecom offer several 1 month rolling broadband contracts, with speeds up to 14Mbps and a variety of usage limits to choose from, depending on your needs.

General points to consider when thinking about getting broadband without a contract:

When switching to a short term or rolling broadband deal, it is likely that you will be required to pay for all the equipment necessary such as a wireless or wired router. By contrast, if you sign a contract, the supplier will offer you hardware for free.

What happens with the line rental?

If you choose a short term home broadband service provided by Direct Save Telecom, you will be required to have a phone line with them on a 28 day rolling agreement.

If you choose a rolling mobile broadband contract there is no requirement for line rental.

Are there any other costs and charges?

Expect installation fees, connection fees, and perhaps other hidden charges (i.e. the cost of equipment) - this depends on the provider's terms and conditions so be sure to read them. Make no mistake, contract-less is almost never charge-less, therefore it is wise to know what you are paying for.

Examples of upfront costs by popular broadband providers:

Direct Save Basic + Weekend Calls up front costs:

  • Activation fee: £24.95
  • Installation fee: N/A
  • Equipment cost: £8.95

Unfortunately sometimes smaller ISPs may advertise broadband deals as contract-less and might smuggle in a cancellation fee. This does not happen often, however to be on the safe side, read through and make sure you understand all the Ts and Cs. If you don't understand a clause, make sure you call the ISP's customer service department and get an adviser to explain to you all the grey areas. Click here for a list of customer service numbers from all of the major providers in the UK.

Want help choosing the right short term broadband deal?

Call Simplifydigital on 0808 163 7069. Our friendly, impartial experts will check over 11,000 broadband, home phone and digital TV deals to find the right one for you.