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About Direct Save Telecom

Direct Save Telecom is a trading name of Utilities UK Ltd, an independent telecommunications service provider.

Direct Save constantly monitors the industry which in turn allows it to deliver the best possible combination between price and quality.

The ISP has a committed UK based support service - the broadband and line fault teams are available on a free phone number 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Direct Save Telecom Services

Direct Save Telecom offers three home phone options, all of them include free calls. Option 1 gives access to free weekend calls, Option 2 includes free evening and weekend calls meanwhile Option 3 allows customers to make free anytime calls.

Broadband can be added to each of the home phone options and is also split into three choices: Basic, Family and Pro.

The Basic broadband package gives customers 20GB of data usage per month, the Family option allows 60GB, while Pro - 100GB. Each home phone and broadband package is based on a 28 day rolling agreement. This means that customers are not tied into any long term contracts. 

At the moment, Direct Save Telecom's greatest value broadband deal costs only £1.95 per month. This gives users free UK evening and weekend calls, 20GB monthly usage allowance, downloads of up to 24Mbps (typically 13Mbps), a free wireless router and free set up.

This broadband deal is based on a 24 month contract, however the price stays the same throughout its entire duration - no matter how sharply broadband prices grow within that period of time. It might be worth mentioning that Direct Save Telecom's line rental is required when signing up to this offer, which is also cheaper than what the main competitors currently offer.


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