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Introduction to O2

O2 offers fast and reliable broadband to both O2 mobile customers and non-customers.

You don't have to be an O2 mobile user to get fast O2 Broadband, but it helps. Or at least it makes it cheaper, as the mobile operator offers the same products only at heavily slashed prices.

O2 offers three good quality home broadband packages, delivered via the BT copper-wire network. However, O2 does not offer fibre optic broadband as yet.

All the O2 internet packages offer broadband speeds of up to 20Mbps (with varying usage limits) and all three packages come with an O2 wireless router.

You also get free McAfee security software to protect your computer from spyware and nasty viruses.

Prices are significantly cheaper for existing O2 mobile phone customers, however bear in mind that you will need to pay line rental on top of that charge.

O2 Broadband is not available in all areas, though. If you live outside of the ISP's network, you can still get O2 Broadband (called O2 Access), which is more expensive than the three packages offered to customers within areas O2 Broadband actually covers.

O2 broadband

If you are already an O2 customer, adding an O2 broadband package is an attractive option, as the current packages are quite competitive. In a nutshell it's a cheap option. Plus, O2 has been praised for its great customer service for years, according to Ofcom's customer satisfaction polls.

Why it may not be right for you

If you don't live in the O2 broadband area, you can still get O2 broadband, but it's a lot more expensive. Check who else provides broadband in your area, you may find that another supplier is cheaper.

If you don't have an O2 mobile contract and have no plans to get one, the provider's broadband may not be the best deal for you. You may be able to get cheaper broadband from another provider.

O2 history

Part of the Spanish telecommunications giant, Telefónica, O2 offers fast home broadband to customers throughout the UK.

O2 was formed in 2001 following the demerger of BT from its former mobile phone business, BT Wireless.

After five years as an independent company, it was bought by the Spanish giant Telefónica for £17.7bn - the biggest all-cash takeover in the history of the telecommunications industry.

O2 currently has over 43m customers in Europe, including 18.4m in the UK.

In 2007, O2 entered the home broadband market with the purchase of Be Unlimited, a small DSL start up company. It now offers three home broadband packages and a range of business services.


O2 has also introduced bundling options. This means that customers can get home phone and broadband services from O2, which can save a significant amount of money. Industry insiders advise to get all of your internet services from a single provider, as it can save hundreds in the long run

Popular Deals

Most popular   Speed Downloads Contract Monthly cost
Broadband Unlimited & Talk Weekends (Without TV)  [Details]


    Up to17 Mbps Unlimited 12 months £5.00for 12 months
    then £10.00
    (Plus £15.40 line rental)
    Go to site  Online 
    TalkTalk Essentials and Youview  [Details]


      Up to16 Mbps Unlimited 18 months £6.00for 6 months
      then £8.50
      (Plus £15.95 line rental)
      Go to site  Online 
      Phone & Broadband 40Gb + Eve/ Wkd UK Calls  [Details]


        Up to14 Mbps 40 GB 12 months £1.20(Plus £13.99 line rental) Go to site Or call to order:
        0800 542 4704
        Broadband 50Mb & Phone Size: M  [Details]


          Up to50 Mbps Unlimited 18 months £7.75for 12 months
          then £15.50
          (Plus £15.99 line rental)
          Go to site Or call to order:
          0800 542 4704
          Plusnet Unlimited with Weekend Calls  [Details]


            Up to16 Mbps Unlimited 12 months £3.25for 12 months
            then £9.99
            (Plus £14.50 line rental)
            Go to site Or call to order:
            0800 542 4704
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