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Virgin Media

Award Winning Superfast Broadband from Virgin Media

We offer the UK's fastest widely available broadband according to Ofcom*, for the 5th year running! And that's not all, our friends here at Simplifydigital voted us 'Best superfast broadband' at their Customer Choice Awards 2013

The faster your broadband, the more you can do online. With Virgin Media fibre optic broadband, everyday browsing is a pleasure rather than a chore. And when it comes to the really exciting stuff, like streaming HD video or downloading, you can enjoy it without having to stop and wait while your connection catches up. Not only that, with our Super Hub wireless router, you can have several people sharing the same connection, at the same time.


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Discover Virgin Media Broadband

Discover the thrills of fibre optic broadband with Virgin Media Broadband. Stream, download, browse and play, with blistering superfast speeds up to 100Mb. 

Discover Virgin Media TiVo

Virgin Media TiVo is a more exciting way to watch TV. Discover new shows, catch up on 7 days of TV and record, pause or rewind up to 3 live TV shows while you watch another. 

Virgin Media's red hot sale event

Virgin Media's red hot sale event is your chance to grab a best-selling broadband only or broadband, phone & TV bundle for less. Choose between 3 or 6 month discounts across selected packages.


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Why choose Virgin Media?

Our superfast fibre optic broadband puts the whole web at your beck and call. Watch a movie, stream your favourite album, or share videos and photos on Facebook. Less buffering, less waiting around, lots more fun. It's the speed you need to enjoy the best of the web. Find instant entertainment with movies, music, games and more. Keep in touch with family and friends on social networks and share your favourite photos in super quick time. Get really fast wireless speeds on all your WiFi enabled devices. Connect your laptop, smartphone, games console and other devices to your Super Hub and use them in different rooms, all at the same time.

We also have the unique TiVo service, which we think is the best way to watch TV ever. TiVo gives you lots of reasons to love your TV - you'll watch your favourite shows and have fun finding new ones. You get your favourite channels, including your Sky favourites, Catch Up TV, hundreds of on demand movies and shows, and even web apps like Twitter and BBC iPlayer. Plus, you can pause and rewind live TV, record three shows while watching one you recorded earlier and even set it to record remotely from your laptop or mobile.

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*Ofcom's review of UK broadband speeds published in March 2013, based on Ofcom November 2012 test results. Virgin Media vs major UK ISPs (average download speeds)

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